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Egg Hunt Kit - Hoppy Easter

Egg Hunt Kit - Hoppy Easter

R 135.00

Our Easter egg hunt kit will be the highlight of your celebrations. Watch on as your little chicks (and adults!) hippity hop around the garden looking for treats, creating endless amounts of fun and a cracking day for all your family and friends. 

The Easter egg hunt kit comes with signs to direct your guests around the garden and bags for keeping all the yummy treats safe! 

Each kit includes 6 treat bags (two of each colour), 6 feet (two of each colour) and 6 double sided signs.


The treat bags - L19.5cm x W 12cm

The paw footprints - L 16cm x W 10.5cm 

The Arrow signs -  L 14.5cm x W 20cm 

The 2 carrot signs -  L 16.5cm x W 20cm 

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